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B2E Automation

Inspection and Testing are a critical step in every manufacturer’s process to ensure the end product is high quality.

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B2E Automation has proven experience developing standalone and in-process inspection and testing systems utilizing a variety of different technologies. Our systems meet and exceed stringent requirements to make sure the testing equipment in your plant is worthy of the product you are delivering. We employ a highly skilled team of experts who develop custom instruments and PC-based data acquisition systems for the purpose of inspection and testing. We equip you with top-of-the-line inspection and testing systems that will solve the most demanding applications. With the right equipment installed in your plant, your product quality will sky-rocket and your clients satisfied. The benefits of automated inspection and testing systems include:

  • Optimal inspection and testing beyond human vision
  • Detection of bottlenecks
  • Improved throughput and lower downtime
  • Testing of anomalies through deep learning algorithms
  • Ensure compliance, transparency and productivity through digital audit log

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