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Our affordable, easy-to-use vision systems are useful for vision verification, error proofing and guiding robots.

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With our unique vision solutions, we use a wide range of features and properties to guide, direct and help robots view, pick and inspect. These systems can also measure and read 1D and 2D barcodes as products are being handled or assembled. B2E Automation builds powerful vision-guided robotics systems, with flexible and adaptable cameras and sensors, to help optimize your production. These systems are easy to integrate in a broad range of industrial applications, creating limitless opportunities across manufacturing sectors. Our solutions are essentially a fresh pair of eyes that will watch over the production process to ensure everything is in the right place. The benefits of our vision solutions include:

  • Detection of flaws and missing pieces
  • High levels of quality control with excellent uniformity
  • Identification of differences between batches
  • Reviewing components of the production process itself
  • Enhanced efficiency, reduced engineering time, faster production

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