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Touché Solutions is a robotic tactile sensing solutions provider. After released the T-Skin and M-Teach in 2015, T-Skin soon becomes the first tactile sensing product to comply with the ISO/TS 15066. In 2019, Touché Solutions assisted the world's leading electronic ODM/OEM company in completing the first human-robot collaboration certification production line in Taiwan. As a pioneer, Touché Solutions acquire the CE certifications (ISO 13849-1 functional safety & ISO 13856-3 product safety.) Touché Solutions has cooperated with world-leading robotic manufacturers. The customers have spread across Eurasia and successfully applied to manufacturers in the electronics, semiconductor industry, etc., to achieve the levels aligned with international standards. We believe, in the future, humans, and robots will coexist more harmoniously. Robots with tactile technology work with humans can bring better quality, efficiency, safer, and more competitive advanced factories.

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T-Skin Test By Different Materials (with Kawasaki RS007L)

POSTED 10/02/2020

A light touch (1 kg of force) is enough to trigger the robots' emergency stop, whether the object is conductive or non-conductive. T-Skin Features • Fast to deploy and scalable • Seamless Integration • Immune to Magnetic & RF interference • High Sensitivity Sensors • Easy Maintenance • Broad Manufacturer and Model support

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