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Universal provides supply chains with complete automated material handling systems for high-mix, high-volume applications. Systems integrate artificial intelligence with vision, grasping and motion control to give machines human-like flexibility at high speed. Our artificial intelligence software, called Neocortex® - Software with an IQ® - enables automated systems to handle high item variability, part change-overs, and deformable objects without fixturing. Key Features of Neocortex G2R (Goods to Robot) Cells: *Flexible: Cartons, bottles, tubes, bags, cans *Fast: 800-1400 per hour, peak to 29 per minute *Learns: No programming, no CAD required *Easy: Operational in a day *Affordable: $7/hour for 2 shifts over 5 years

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Neocortex 3.2 Neocortex Delievers Unlimited Depalletzation (May, 2013)

POSTED 05/01/2013

Universal Robotics demos the industry's first unlimited depalletizing application, powered by their flagship intelligence software, Neocortex 3.2. Spatial Vision Robotics 3.2 provides the 3D sensing and interface to the Yaskawa Motoman robot MPL80. Neocortex enables on-the-fly identification of any box, independent of label quantity or type, box color, size, or condition, regardless of location and orientation in the workcell.