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Veo Robotics is building the next generation of collaborative robotics systems. We make sensing and controls systems that allow standard industrial robots to be used in collaborative workcells with humans. Veo is different from a collaborative robot maker in that our system works with existing large, fast robots. Our solution targets tasks in which humans bring intelligence or dexterity to a process, while the robot provides strength, speed or precision. As of February 2019, Veo Robotics has raised $28 million in venture capital funding. Investors include Google Ventures, Lux Capital Management, Siemens Next47, Nikon-SBI Innovation Fund, SBI AI & Blockchain Fund, and Baidu Ventures. Veo Robotics has also partnered with robot manufacturers FANUC, Yaskawa, ABB, and Kuka.

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FreeMove from Veo Robotics

POSTED 05/14/2020

Increasingly, manufacturing applications that need the speed and strength of industrial robots also need the dexterity and versatility that only people can provide. FreeMove from Veo Robotics is a new comprehensive 3D safeguarding solution that makes workcells with human robot collaboration safer, easier to design and integrate, and more flexible than previously possible.

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