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Robots on the Rise

POSTED 04/11/2022

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has seen traditional manufacturing processes being revolutionized by emerging technologies, including robotics. Manufacturers have realized that, when it comes to quality and efficiency, the best way to compete is to automate their factories with robots - whether they are programmed to carry out autonomous tasks or support manual processes. And for those who were hesitant to embrace robotics, the COVID-19 pandemic may have been a catalyst for change. But the benefits of factory automation don’t come without challenges; implementing robotics into the manufacturing process is only the beginning. Manufacturers must be properly equipped to get the most from their robotic workforce, and this involves choosing the right lubricant.

We spoke to a panel of experienced robot, automotive, and electronics OEMs about the challenges they face when it comes to robot maintenance and the part that the right lubricant can play in overcoming these. We also discussed the wider knowledge sharing that is required to increase manufacturers’ confidence in choosing their own lubricants.