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Welcome to our Robotic Technical Papers section at the Association for Advancing Automation. Within this repository, you'll uncover a collection of technical papers that delve deep into the precise and intricate world of robotics. Authored by industry experts, including our members, these papers offer comprehensive insights and research findings tailored to engineers and professionals in the robotics field. If you're a researcher or expert with technical papers to contribute to our community, we encourage you to inquire about membership. As you navigate through this section, you'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge that advances your understanding of cutting-edge robotic technologies and solutions. Join us in exploring the realm of Robotic Technical Papers, where expertise and innovation converge in the field of robotics.

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SAFETY FIRST: Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Alternative Fuels in R&D Testing Facilities

02/26/2024 | ACS

Safety is the top priority in product design, testing, and manufacturing when using alternative fuels.

The Future of Systems Integration: How to Design and Build R&D Test Facilities

02/26/2024 | ACS

Systems integration takes a focused approach to the minute details of the organization’s big-picture goals during the design

Optimizing Robotic Precision: Unleash Real-Time Performance With Advanced Foundational Software Solutions

02/09/2024 | BlackBerry QNX

The white paper provides insight into overcoming performance obstacles in robotics across industries

Whitepaper - Automate Photonics Alignment

11/08/2023 | PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

In this whitepaper, the authors explain how photonics engineers & scientists can benefit from the latest fast alignment algorithms.

A Guide to Functional Safety and Safety Certification

09/15/2023 | BlackBerry QNX

Functional safety actively prevents the failure of a system from causing harm to people and property.

Eight Things that Robotics Foundational Software Solutions Need

09/15/2023 | BlackBerry QNX

While there are differences in where and how robots are used, robotics systems require much of the same characteristics

CodeMeter Certificate Vault: Certificate Management with CodeMeter Comfort and Security

08/30/2023 | Wibu-Systems USA

Certificates are used to authenticate and identify users or devices on the Internet, in emails, machine-to-machine communication, and elsewhere.

From the Factory to the Field: AgTech Comes of Age

08/04/2023 | Antaira Technologies

Antaira explains the future of automated agricultural technology (AgTech) with industrial switches.

Introduction to Network Address Translation (NAT)

08/04/2023 | Antaira Technologies

Antaira's paper explain NAT - Network Address Translation.

The Critical Role of Vibration Control in Nanopositioning: Precision in the Infinitesimal

07/28/2023 | PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

Controlling vibrations at the nanometer level is critical for applications involving next generation semiconductor production, test and measurement, silicon photonics

Rotary Cam Indexers for Automated Positioning Applications

07/28/2023 | Motion Index Drives, Inc.

Motion Index Drives rotary cam indexers that are used in fully automated positioner applications offer a superior solution

Robot Manufacturing with Single and Multi-Axis Positioning System

07/28/2023 | Motion Index Drives, Inc.

Motion Index Drives single and multi-axis positioning systems achieve lower production cost and improve return on investment.

Benefits of Multi-Axis Weld Positioning Systems

07/28/2023 | Motion Index Drives, Inc.

Multi-axis positioners are being implemented in many industries to reduce the footprint required to process and access parts

Motion Index Drives Custom Engineered Robot Transfer Units

07/26/2023 | Motion Index Drives, Inc.

Robot Transfer Units are manufactured in floor mounted, elevated or inverted configuration.

CodeMeter in the Automation Industry

07/18/2023 | Wibu-Systems USA

For the makers of automation systems, software is indispensable for many functions and applications. Wibu-Systems CodeMeter provides software licensing

Precision machining with 'Vision in the Loop'

06/08/2023 | Euresys

This paper illustrates how on-the-fly vision capture and analysis can be integrated into a diamond turning machining process.

White Paper: A Smart System Primer for Asset Owners - An Inside Look at Smart System Capabilities, Applications, Benefits, Implementation Challenges, and Solutions

05/08/2023 | Numurus LLC

This white paper arms asset owners with concepts and processes that allow them to overcome challenges, gain clarity, and successfully

Examples of Automation in Warehousing

05/03/2023 | OnLogic

Automation in warehousing is the key to meeting demand. So what are some examples of automation in warehousing?

Cobots bring an extra dimension to industry

04/17/2023 | Item America LLC

Explore how robots can do so much more than just mass production

Forward and Inverse Kinematics: Explained

04/12/2023 | Iris Dynamics Ltd.

What are forward and inverse kinematics, and what makes them important in virtual reality application design? Click here to learn

A Smart System Primer for Solution Providers

04/04/2023 | Numurus LLC

In this white paper the author provides a deeper look into Smart Systems.

Introduction to Piezoelectric Mechanisms and Piezo Actuation

03/24/2023 | PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

Piezoelectric Actuators and mechanisms enable ultra fast motion for dispensing, nanopositioning and force generation.

New eBook: Achieving Standardization in Robot Programming

03/21/2023 | Robotmaster (Hypertherm Inc.)

Programming industrial robots should not require knowledge of multiple programming languages. Discover the importance of standardization and how advances in robotic technology continue to drive the need for a universal programming solution.

SCADA – the Ultimate Guide

03/15/2023 | OnLogic

With SCADA, companies can make smarter decisions, improve efficiency, and minimize downtime.

Why Advancements in Piezoelectric Mechanisms and Motorized Actuators Enable Progress in Critical Industries Relying on Ultra Precision Motion Control

03/14/2023 | PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

Recent advancements in the design of piezo ceramic actuators and motors, as well as control technologies, enable progress in Optics,