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Q-Span Gauging Systems let quality departments automate manual gauging. They combine part handling, measurement, and data collection to improve productivity and process control in high-mix, small batch manufacturing.

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Q-Span System Named Top 50 Innovation by Robotics Business Review

POSTED 06/19/2020

New Scale Robotics is a 2020 RBR50 Innovation Award winner for its Q-Span Systems, which bring collaborative robots to the QC lab to automate measurement of small parts.

Robotics Business Review is the leading source of analysis, opinion, and research focused on global automation. Its annual RBR50 list celebrates forward-thinking companies and the original, impactful solutions they have created. Other companies on this year’s list include Universal Robots for its UR+ Application Kits.

Q-Span Workstations, designed for Universal Robots’ UR3e robots, are available as:

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  • UR+ Application Kits with sample parts and trays to serve as a starting point for users to configure their system.
  • Fully configured solutions with part trays and programs capable and qualified via a correlation study to measure the user’s first part.

New Scale was honored in the Application and Market Innovation category, recognizing sector-specific, newly developed applications that deliver value, provide entry to new markets, or improve performance over existing approaches (i.e. improve productivity, increase quality, reduce cost, etc.).

Q-Span Workstations, whether purchased as a kit or a configured solution, deliver on all of these points.

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