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Q-Span Gauging Systems let quality departments automate manual gauging. They combine part handling, measurement, and data collection to improve productivity and process control in high-mix, small batch manufacturing.

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New Scale deploys six Q-Span robotic gauging kits at Finger Lakes Workforce Development (FWD) Center

POSTED 08/19/2022

New Scale Robotics has deployed six Q-Span Workstation EDU Kits at the Finger Lakes Workforce Development (FWD) Center at Monroe Community College (MCC) in Rochester, NY. The ready-to-use kits help colleges and universities easily add hands-on robotics and metrology courses to their workforce development programs targeting advanced manufacturing.

“U.S. manufacturers are seeking employees with experience in collaborative robots and a basic understanding of metrology for quality control and process improvement,” said Stefan Friedrich, Marketing Manager at New Scale Robotics. “By adding these courses, the FWD Center continues to give job seekers a competitive edge through hands-on training with the latest and best technologies for advanced manufacturing.”

One system, two robotics courses

The Q-Span Workstation EDU Kits give educational program directors an easy way to offer two complementary courses — the UR Program for Education and the New Scale Robotics Intro to Metrology course — without the need to remove the robot from its secure position on the mobile workstation table.

The UR Program for Education covers the fundamentals of controlling the collaborative robot and includes labs for manipulating objects, using conveyors, palletizing and other common robotics use cases in advanced manufacturing. The Intro to Metrology course covers the basics of metrology and includes labs for automated gauging using robotic calipers. Together the programs comprise a total of 40 hours of course work.

Ready to implement for technical workforce development

“We focus on rapid training, retraining and upskilling of technical workers in demand by local employers,” said Dr. Robin Cole, Vice President, Economic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education at MCC. “New Scale Robotics and Universal Robots made it easy for us to expand our FWD Center course offerings with these educational kits, ready to implement and tailored to the needs of technical training programs like ours.”  

These Q-Span EDU Kits feature a Universal Robots UR3e collaborative robot mounted on a sturdy mobile workstation table. Kits include additional hardware, software and course materials for hands-on training in both collaborative robots and basic metrology. Hardware components in the kit, such as a conveyor, part trays and reference gauges, are easily added to or removed from the table for different lab exercises.

About New Scale Robotics

New Scale Robotics (www.newscalerobotics.com) helps manufacturers automate manual gauging. Our Q-Span® Workstations combine measurements from a wide variety of gauges with robotic part handling and automated data logging. They improve efficiency, capacity, and real-time reporting of quality departments. Based on flexible and teachable collaborative robots, Q-Span Workstations are do-it-yourself (DIY) automation kits that fit into existing workflows. They help quality teams reduce errors, increase throughput, and better utilize skilled labor in small-batch, high-mix manufacturing. Easy to deploy without specialized training, they deliver return on investment (ROI) in less than ten months. A division of New Scale Technologies, Inc. near Rochester, NY, we have nearly 20 years of experience delivering small, precise and smart motion systems.

About The FWD Center

The Finger Lakes Workforce Development Center (www.fwd-center.com) at Monroe Community College supports short-term and accelerated training programs that meet the evolving workforce demands of the region and place individuals in high-demand jobs within the local economy. These fast-track, industry-driven education and training programs focus on emergent smart technologies and Industry 4.0 skill sets, including mechatronics, automation and robotics, augmented and virtual reality, industrial internet of things, and more. The Center partners with regional employers to advance the education of existing and prospective employees, and is supported by funding from the State University of New York and New York State.