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Q-Span Gauging Systems let quality departments automate manual gauging. They combine part handling, measurement, and data collection to improve productivity and process control in high-mix, small batch manufacturing.

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New App Note: Best Practices for Optimizing QC Measurements with a Q-Span System

POSTED 10/30/2020

Q-Span System uses UR3e cobot and robotic calipers to automate measurement inspection of small partsNew Scale Robotics has released a new application note outlining nine best practices for making QC measurements on small parts. The app note provides an overview of key metrology principles and highlights how a Q-Span System helps QC teams adhere to them, while automating the inspection process with cobots. 

"When making manual caliper measurements, the quality of your data depends on good metrology practices," writes New Scale Robotics CEO David Henderson. "The same is true when you automate measurement inspection using a Q-Span Workstation."

The path to automation is fast and smooth for teams that have a solid grasp of metrology best practices. These include:

  • Regular re-certification of metrology tools including robotic gripper/calipers
  • Periodic training and retraining of QC staff
  • Understanding geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and the intrinsic variations of the parts to be measured
  • Choosing the right metrology fingertip shapes for the part
  • Cleanliness of parts and fingertips
  • Eliminating external forces on the part during measurement
  • Applying the correct force during measurement
  • Making multiple measurements and using the averages
  • Regularly checking the zero reference of the calipers
  • Automatically logging measurement data to avoid data entry errors and comply with Part 11 data integrity requirements

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