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Maximizing Uptime in Industrial Robots

POSTED 04/11/2022

data-uw-styling-context="true">With Industry 4.0, the automation of manufacturing processes continues to advance at pace. Industrial robots work together seamlessly on fully automated production lines.

 If one of them comes to a standstill, however, the production chain is interrupted and the moment that every company dreads becomes a reality: unscheduled downtime due to robot failures. Downtime is the challenge of automated manufacturing processes. A single minute of manufacturing downtime can cost a carmaker roughly $22,000*. It is therefore extremely important to plan necessary downtimes in advance rather than being taken by surprise. If the production line is optimally configured, maintained and lubricated, it performs its work smoothly, with minimal wear and without breakdowns. Regular, generally annual, maintenance is therefore indispensable. It is essential to check all moving parts and replace them as necessary, as well as to check the lubrication.

Robots require the right lubrication in every moving joint, which provides wear protection for joints, bearings, sliders, chains and gears and improves the performance of industrial robots. The choice of lubricant has a major impact on production efficiency. If it is suitable for the robot model and its area of application, it also prevents leaks. This advantage should not be neglected, because whenever oil or grease leak and foreign matter such as dust, dirt, water and chemicals enter the lubrication system, the result is increased wear. 

But which lubricant is the right one? There are manufacturer’s recommendations for this, including state-of-the-art lubricants from Castrol. These ensure faster start-up tim

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es and can lead to lower energy consumption. The impact is felt not only in important industries around the world. Castrol high-performance lubricants are also used on Mars.