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Robotmaster, offline programming software for robots provides quick and easy programming tools for multiple applications, saving time and money while maximizing return on investment.

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Composites and Robotmaster

POSTED 06/04/2015

For the past few years, Robotmaster (Jabez Technologies) has been responding to the growing demand for the robotized manufacturing of composites. The Aerospace, Defense, Automotive and Ship Manufacturing industries are all witnessing a strong demand for the use of composites. According to a study by market research firm Lucintel, the global aerospace composites market is expected to reach $112 billion annually by 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.3 percent (source: CompositesWorld).  This is where Robotmaster steps in.  Jabez Technologies and its partners continue to demonstrate cost-effective and cutting-edge programming tools required for composite trimming, drilling, riveting and certain types of material layup.  

Singularity, calibration, collisions, reach limitations, and motion granularity are uniquely complex to robotic systems and can make programming particularly cumbersome. Navigating around the errors can be time-consuming. The powerful Robotmaster Interactive Simulation Environment (RISE) provides a unique tool for programming, visualizing and optimizing processes/events quickly and easily.

These features increase productivity in the composite market when:

 > Programming trimming, drilling and riveting applications

 > Programming and verifying flexible tooling and robot interaction

 > Proofing out and programming various aspects of automated tape layup

The following are exciting new features designed specifically for manufacturing of composite parts using robots:

  • Programming of Configurable Universal Holding Fixtures (UHF)
  • Comprehensive support for simple to complex drilling and riveting
  • Easy management of complex robotic environments
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Trimming

If you’re looking to generate more profit for your robot with a simplified yet high-performance software, Robotmaster is the definitive choice. For any questions pertaining to sales, training, or demonstrations, please contact us.

About Robotmaster
Robotmaster seamlessly integrates CAD/CAM based robot programming, simulation and program generation. Common robot programming challenges typically require intricate user intervention or costly manual editing for producing error-free programs.

Robotmaster provides innovative tools to effortlessly optimize robot programs producing error-free robot paths, avoiding singularity zones and collisions, working around joint and reach limitations, and optimizing tool orientations along the entire trajectory. Furthermore, Robotmaster is ideally suited to program robots for such tasks as trimming, de-burring, polishing, welding, dispensing, grinding, spraying, painting and 3D machining, while supporting most industrial robot models.

About Jabez Technologies
Jabez Technologies provides robot programming technologies that enable versatile and profitable robotic solutions for industrial manufacturing applications. Robotmaster is the flagship product of Jabez Technologies, specializing in robot programming technologies for robotics automation and manufacturing since 1996.