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Our groundbreaking product, the Neo fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot, is deployed around the world and trusted by leading facilities and building service companies. Headquartered in Kitchener, ON, Canada, Avidbots is offering comprehensive service and support to customers on 5 continents.

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Avidbots Provides Neo Robots in Select DHL-Managed Warehouses in North America

POSTED 09/11/2019

Neo NEWS!Avidbots is working with DHL Supply Chain to deploy Neo floor-scrubbing robots in select warehouses it manages in North America.

“Avidbots Neo will bring the most advanced robotic floor cleaning to several warehouses managed by DHL Supply Chain North America,” said Faizan Sheikh, CEO, and co-founder of Avidbots. “Neo robots will optimize facilities management at hundreds of large warehouses, improving efficiency, reducing maintenance staff turnover, and creating a clean, safe working environment for all employees.”

Neo is built on a vertically-integrated technology stack and cloud-connected software to deliver the best performance of any floor-cleaning robot. Unlike most cleaning robots, Neo does not follow a set path, but uses AI to continually learn from its environment. Neo employs dynamic mapping to adapt its route on the fly—avoiding obstacles, responding to unexpected messes, and adapting to new floor layouts. This adaptability makes Neo perfectly suited to work in busy warehouses, where the continual flow of goods results in ever-changing environments. When products are delivered or shipped out, they’re moved on forklifts, left in piles on the floor to be picked up by trucks, and then new products are moved into empty spaces. For most floor-cleaning robots, such a dynamic environment would be difficult to navigate, necessitating continual manual re-mapping, but Neo uses AI to continually adapt its route for optimal performance. Avidbots Neo robots are already widely deployed in airports, manufacturing sites, malls, universities, and other commercial spaces in 15 countries worldwide.

“With the explosion of e-commerce, the multibillion-dollar global warehousing market is continuing to expand at a breakneck pace, and Avidbots Neo is the best floor-cleaning robot on the market for warehouse environments,” said Sheikh.

Learn more about the benefits that make Neo floor-cleaning robots a compelling choice for supply chain operators.