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Advanced Cutting and Machining Capabilities Have Arrived

POSTED 10/15/2020

James Schnarr, Product Manager

I'm excited to share that we've launched a brand new update to OCTOPUZ! Our key focus of this update was improving how we support programming for cutting and machining applications. Our host of new features means you'll be spending less time in your CAM software and more time programming your robots in OCTOPUZ.

Without further ado, here's what we've done...

Advanced Cutting and Machining Capabilities
We've added several new features to our Create Path tool, specifically tailored for easy creation of complex cutting and machining paths.

First, some big changes our Edge & Curve selection method. We've added a Hover preview to our Edge & Curve selection method, to view path and tool orientation prior to making a selection. We also improved the way multiple selections are handled by automatically trimming the path is selections overlap, and your new selections should now follow your mouse click as you'd expect. Finally, some improvements to our detection algorithm means generally better path results.

With our "Floor-Wall" selection method, we added the ability to create paths on outside edges. And made several backend improvements to our detection algorithm, which means fewer situations where we fail to detect a path.

We also improved our offset performance, which means better expected results on corners and closed loops when applying a floor and/or wall offset. On an inside corner, overlapping points are automatically removed, and on an outside corner, points are offset equally (and no longer connected diagonally).

Finally, we added a bunch of new tool axis control settings, starting with a new tool alignment method: Base Frame Z. This alignment option sets the alignment of all path points along the Z-axis, relative to the selected base frame.

Tangent Arc Lead Motions
Another critical need for cutting and machining applications is the ability to smoothly blend into your cutting or machining path. To tackle this, we designed an entirely new lead shape: tangent arc motions.

The Approach and Departure lead points can be set to a Tangent Arc shape, which creates a series of linear points to form an arc. A multitude of new settings enable you to create your tangent arc lead motions exactly as you need them, including their size, angle, extension, and rotation.

Finally, each lead point can now set a unique direction. And while we were at it, we redesigned our Leads panel layout to make it far easier to navigate.

Multi-Select and Update Points
We've heard your feedback! A delivery of one of our most requested features, you can now select multiple statement points and update them together in our Point Editor. Set your point speed and rounding, change your tool orientation, add tool commands, and much more.

There is also a brand new tool in Point Editor: Set Tool Orientation. This tool will touch-up the orientation of the tool for all selected points to match the current tool orientation in the 3D world.

Even more great changes
But we didn't stop at these awesome new cutting and machining features. We've also added a bunch of other new features that you should know (and care) about:

  • "Create Another": added to Create Path and Create Manual Search, this feature allows you to rapid fire on new statements. If checked, we will reopen automatically the panel after a statement is created, so another statement can be created.
  • Unique Start and End Flare: another one of our most highly requested features, you can now define and set a unique start point and end point flare angle and distance.
  • Set Tool On and Off: sets Tool On and Off commands when Process Type is set to None or CAM (if you're doing welding, we still handle these commands automatically for you). The exact command locations can be defined, such that they can be placed anywhere on the path.
  • "Keep Twist Orientation": this new option sets the twist orientation of all points in a path to match the twist of the first active point in the path.
  • Maximum Distance on Circle Points: for when you less distance between your circle moves, this option sets a maximum length of arcs that will be created on curved geometry.
  • Simplified Path Detection Options: some of our settings are necessary, but a bit difficult to understand. We've changed a few of these to be sliders instead of values, so expected results can be achieved faster.
  • Auto Cornering: this setting will add additional points before and after corners, to achieve better flare results as your tool moves through a corner.
  • Multi-select Statement Variable Parameters and Templates: in the Statement Variables panel, if multiple statements are selected, parameters can be changed for all selected statements. In addition, templates can be selected for multiple statements.
  • Improved Merge Functionality: merging statements now works like you expect it to - you can set your Process template when merging paths, and we now intelligently handle the removal of interior lead points and redundant Tool On/Off commands.
  • Automated Re-Linking of Searches: if a path statement or a search statement are linked and then deleted, searches will automatically re-link to be correct.
  • Improved Look and Feel of Messaging Across Product: nobody loves message boxes, but sometimes they are necessary. We scoured OCTOPUZ and updated a ton of our message boxes to make them both look nicer, and be more clear.

This OCTOPUZ update is now available to download for all customers with an active OCTOPUZ subscription.