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Employee Spotlight: Rochelle Lingat

POSTED 08/08/2022

Rochelle Lingat – Electrical Engineer, Soldering Extraordinaire, Pun Maker, Cat Lover

Motto or personal mantra: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” 

This seems like good advice for everyone! 

Rochelle is an Electrical Engineer at OLogic, who specializes in rework and repair of circuit boards and was IPC certified. More recently, she started working on schematics and board layout. What Rochelle likes most about working at OLogic is the flexibility in work hours. In her self professed notoriety for being nocturnal, she admits she can be bribed to come into the office in the daylight hours with the lure of food. 

“OLogic has allowed me to more fully utilize my Electrical Engineering degree by giving me the opportunity to work hands-on with hardware, and not just hardware on one project, but the hardware on a wide variety of systems. With that said, I can also thank OLogic for introducing me to the kind of niche world of robotics while additionally giving me the work/project experience to open up many more career opportunities in adjacent fields.”

Before OLogic, Rochelle earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona, was an Operational Technology Intern at a Water & Power plant, and worked in Stage Crew. As a Stage Crew member, Rochelle enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes happenings of different theater productions. Her area of expertise was Lighting Design.

Rochelle’s favorite ways to spend her free time include eating, sleeping and video games. She has a cat named Buwan (which means “moon” in Tagalog). This seems fitting as when asked if she could be any animal what it would be, she picked a cat, musing that she has been told that she and Buwan have the same personality. They both like to just eat, sleep and play all day. 

At OLogic, Rochelle brightens our day with her humor, kindness and work ethic. She is our in-house wordplay talent, spinning puns out to make us laugh and sometimes groan. She is always in demand to work on client projects, as contrary to eating and sleeping all day, she gets a phenomenal amount of important work done around here. Rochelle has earned a deep respect from anyone she works with!