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What does Industry 4.0 mean for US manufacturing?

POSTED 10/04/2021

Manufacturing is returning to the US, driven by a board-level reevaluation of supply chain risk due to Covid and trade disputes. Combine this with the high degree of automation that can now be realized in a modern manufacturing facility and you have a significant competitive advantage. Local production, close communication and operations, plus reduced cost.

Absolute EMS is one such facility. Having recently upgraded their San Jose, CA, factory with the most sophisticated equipment in the industry, they are now capable of producing the most advanced technology for some of the world's leading technology companies. Their recently installed production line systems are fully automated and connected, meaning machines not only talk to each other to improve efficiency and reduce errors, but they also control the supply of parts to the production lines to ensure optimum uptime on all lines at all times, leading the industry with a unique agile production capability. All this in real-time, delivering the highest possible quality and efficiency. Saving time, reducing costs, and improving quality.

To Absolute EMS, customer focus is a key competitive advantage. With every production part automatically logged at all stages for date code, lot code of components, and even board placement, post-production batch issues can be tracked and traced to the highest accuracy, providing faster customer service response and improved customer satisfaction.

As a leader in engineering consulting for robotics and consumer products, OLogic works with many large tech giants and startup companies to build production-ready products, taking them from the early design stage, through their Minimum Viable Product (MVP), to market launch. This generally needs multiple iterations based on close customer feedback, ensuring the product is ready, can scale to production volume without issues, and can maintain a very high build quality, essential for the launch of any successful product in the market today. No one wants poor customer reviews or quality issues, especially at the launch of a new strategic product.

With Absolute EMS and OLogic's engineering partnership, customers are guaranteed the highest level of professional service and the best chance of success.