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OCTOPUZ is intelligent offline robot programming and simulation software ideal for an application. OCTOPUZ took a revolutionary approach to robotic programming by combining the offline programming of robots with a manufacturing process simulation, perfect for tech AND sales teams. Contact us for a free, online demonstration tailored to your unique application. About OCTOPUZ Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, OCTOPUZ provides offline robot programming and simulation software for businesses of all sizes, from small shops to global corporations. Our focus is to provide a robotic software solution that not only enables companies to reach a higher level of efficiency with their processes but that also opens opportunities for them to enter new markets and expand their business potential . Our business was built on the concept of taking complex robotic programming and making it easy.

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How Dimic Steel Tech Cut Their Programming Time In Half

POSTED 07/06/2017

Dimic Steel Tech, a metal fabrication and machining service provider in Upland, California uses OCTOPUZ to program their robot, a KUKA KR 16 for MIG welding, from start to finish. Every part they have is programmed in OCTOPUZ so that it is easily placed on the robot and production can begin immediately.

Dimic Steel Tech prides itself on bridging the gap between state-of-the-art technologies with a tradition of craftsmanship, which results in very complicated parts. Before using OCTOPUZ, Dimic Steel Tech programmed parts manually, which sometimes took up to 4 hours to program especially complicated parts. Now that all programming is done within OCTOPUZ, programming time is cut in half, with parts that used to take 4 hours now taking 45 minutes to program.

“Investing in OCTOPUZ was a great decision. Not only do the time savings well outweigh the investment, but it also makes the job of a programmer so much easier. When you buy a product that saves time and makes the job for an employee easier, it doesn’t make sense not to invest in it.” – Ryan Mansfield, Robotic Welder Programmer/Operator at Dimic Steel Tech.

Over the years, Dimic Steel Tech has invested in the most modern fabrication machinery and software available on the market, enabling them to raise productivity and operating efficiency to new levels. OCTOPUZ Software is no exception to this rule. “If you have any robots in your company, and you spend time manually programming them, I strongly recommend using this product. It is a game changer in the industry, and I believe that any company who has it will be far ahead of their competition” says Mansfield.

“Not only is the software powerful, but the customer service is excellent as well. The team at OCTOPUZ goes above and beyond, and they truly take care of the customer. I am very impressed with the customer support at OCTOPUZ; the service tech responds in a timely manner, takes their time to explain the problem and how to do it correctly, and makes sure that the issue is 100% resolved before moving on” says Mansfield. 

About Dimic Steel Tech
In 1973, Mile Dimic established Dimic Steel Tech, Inc. as a company dedicated to bridging the gap between state-of-the-art technologies with a tradition of craftsmanship. To accomplish this, Dimic Steel Tech over the years has invested in the most modern fabrication machinery available while constantly upgrading existing equipment. They were the first in California to incorporate new technologies to improve quality and lower costs for their clients. Combining this equipment with the latest layout and CNC programming has enabled Dimic Steel Tech to raise productivity and operating efficiency to new levels. Dimic Steel Tech offers services such as Precision Machining, Metal Fabrication, and Laser Cutting.

OCTOPUZ is an intelligent offline robotic programming and simulation software ideal for any sized company. It offers the ability to program, simulate and generate code for multiple robots, simultaneously, with support for most robot brands in any configuration. OCTOPUZ is fully customizable to our customer’s needs, and our extensive support will provide assistance before, during, and after the sale.