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RAD Robotic Accessory Devices

RAD’S Compliance Devices provide lateral and rotational motion resulting from externally applied forces. Well suited for misalignments due to inconsistent fixture locations, shifting parts & irregular part tolerances. 

Compliance (Alignment) DevicesFEATURES:

  • Available in spring & pneumatic models from 3” to 8” diameter.
  • Compensates for both lateral and rotary misalignments between parts.
  • Utilizes springs or pneumatic pistons as the means of force resistance which offer greater durability than elastomers.
  • Provides no compression making it ideal for applications requiring moderate insertion forces through the center line of the unit.
  • Offers +- 5 degrees of rotation and +- 0.10” lateral movement for misalignments.
  • Pneumatic version may be used without air for smooth compliance with little resistance.  Air may then be supplied to self-center and provide rigidity for repositioning.
  • Constructed of anodized aluminum and hardened steel for high strength and light weight.
  • Offers adjustable switch sensitivity.

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