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RAD Robotic Accessory Devices

PARALLEL GRIPPERS – All of RAD’s robotic grippers are pneumatic and use parallel motion to enable you to effectively grip, manipulate, and place objects in your automated manufacturing process. All RAD robot grippers are designed to be extremely durable for maximum life. Maximum load the gripper can handle will vary based on the size, shape, and texture of the part, texture and shape of the fingers, acceleration, and speed of the system, along with air pressure.

  • The grippers are designed for use in temperatures from -25 degrees F to 250 degrees F. Viton Seals are optional.
  • RAD offers 13 models of 2-Jaw & 3-Jaw Pneumatic Parallel Robotic Grippers, to meet all gripper needs.
  • RAD Collet Robotic Gripper are offered in 4 sizes, both in standard and expanding O.D. sizes.


2-Jaw Square Brute Parallel Gripper

  • 2-Jaw Square Jaw Brute Parallel Gripper is designed for general-purpose applications, but due to its high durability, works particularly well in harsh environments. (ie. grinding and deburring). 2-Jaw grippers are pneumatically operated, offering high grip force to moment ratio and synchronous jaw motion. The jaws remain synchronous and parallel to provide a consistent grip force through the range of the stroke. Grip force can be adjusted by varying the air pressure.
  • 2 jaw parallel motion
  • High grip force to moment ratio
  • Positive pick & place
  • High clamping force for rapid part transfer
  • Up to 500 lbs of grip force per jaw
  • Durability – over 10 million cycles without failure

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