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Model: 1280BP-12-A2-T2SL-2.05

Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc.

1280x1024 Extended SWIR Camera for Laser Beam Profiling

Image of 1280BPCam

1280x10240x12 um Extended SWIR Response T2SL Camera for Beam Profiling

The Princeton Infrared Technologies' BPCam camera supports extended SWIR wavelenght response with TEC cooled operation.

This InGaAs/GaAsSb type-II super lattice (T2SL) detector camera enables high resolution 1280x1024 SWIR imaging at frame rates at 90 frames per second (fps) at full resolution. The camera’s small 12 µm detector array pitch combined with the extended wavelength response of its T2SL material enables impressive imaging from visible wavelengths out to 2050 nm.

The advanced focal plane array (PIRT1280A2-12-T2SL-2.0) integrated in the camera generates 14-bit pixel data with a maximum 1.8 Me- full well. This combined with the extended wavelength response of the T2SL detector material and a 3-stage TEC enable imaging from 0.4 out to 2.05 µm with high sensitivity. The camera implements a medium Camera Link™ interface to reliably transfer the full 14-bit pixel data at the camera’s maximum 90 fps and full 1280x1024 resolution. Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. offers application software to operate and collect data from the camera with select frame grabber cards, and can be integrated through custom software development with most frame grabbers.


  • 1280x1024 resolution
  • 0.4-2.05 µm responsivity
  • Small 12 µm pitch
  • >20% QE for 1.9 µm
  • Flexible temperature set point from 0°C to -30°C
  • Snapshot exposure
  • Integrate while read or Integrate then read modes 
  • >90 fps at 1280x1024
  • Selectable trigger modes
  • 14-bit ADCs on FPA
  • < 275e- read noise
  • Integration times from 50 µs to >16 ms
  • High Dynamic Range >1000:1
  • F- or C- lens mounts
  • User selectable ROI
Parameter Unit Min Typical Max Comments
Resolution Resolution   1280x1024    
Pixel Pitch µm   12    
Full Well Me- 1.8 2    
Frame Rate
Data Output Bits 14     medium Camera Link
Fill Factor % 99 100    
Responsivity Range µm 0.4   2.05 at -25°C
Integration Time
At -25°C



  max integration to fill 1/2
full well at max dark signal
Dark Signal Rate e-/s   70e6   at -25°C
Read Noise e- (RMS)   250 275 at -25°C
D* cm-√Hz/W   4.5e11   at -25°C, with 1.5 µm light at 16ms integration time
Inoperable Pixels %     0.75 at -25°C
Non-Linearity %     1 across 98% of dynamic range
Size mm   77 x 77 x 138   excluding lens
Weight g 1350     excluding lens
Power W <30     at -25°C
Ambient operating temperature °C 0   30  

These commodities, technology may be subject to ITAR and would require an export license if being shipped outside of the U.S (Certain exemption may apply to Government Agencies of NATO countries.) The export jurisdiction has not yet been determined. The camera is currently considered under export classification ITAR XII(e)(4) until our commodity jurisdiction ruling is completed.

Recommend use of Camera LinkTM cables shorter than 5 m for reliable camera operation.


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