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item North America is a leading provider of precision ball screws for use as a drive mechanism in linear slides, multi-axis motion and comples material handling devices. item ball screws feature high precision, high efficiency, high rigidity of the drive system and low mechanical wear. item ball screws are custom designed for each specific application at no extra cost. item ball screws can be driven by crank handles, hand wheels, AC/DC motors, stepper & servo motors and hydraulic or pneumatic drive mechanisms. All item ball screw components can replaced individually. item ball screws can be easily integrated into all MB Kit System Inc profiles and modular components. item offers a complete line of mechanical drive elements that can be machined to specific requirements. Machining to NEMA flange specifications is available. Ball screw hubs can be re-bored to 17 mm or 14 mm with a key way. Available Pitch - item ball screws are available in both 20x20 and 20x5 pitch shafting. Maximum Stroke Length - maximum stroke length for item ball screws is approximately 110 inches or 2762 mm. Maximum Acceleration - maximum acceleration for item ball screws is up to 5 m/s2 depending upon drive methods. Top Speeds - top speeds for item ball screws are 1m/s (20x20) and 250 mm/s for 20x5 pitch (Ps. it is not s2) Thrust Loads - achievable thrust loads are 1000 N. Rotational Speeds - item ball screws are capable of rotational speeds of 3000 rpm depending on screw lengths. Accuracy & Repeatability - depending upon the length of the screw, item ball screws are capable of positional accuracies of less than .002 inch repeatability. Screw - item ball screws are precision rolled for maximum strength, durability and value. Integrated Protection - all item ball screws are protected by an integrated rbber lip seal to prevent dust, debris and other harmful agents from entering the internal ball screw mechanism and motion components.

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