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Image of KR CYBERTECH nano series

KUKA is now offering new, high-performance robots in the low payload category – the KR CYBERTECH nano series. In the 6 to 10 kilogram payload range, the KR CYBERTECH nano series stands out primarily for its unprecedented compactness. They have to be streamlined, agile and flexible and have a long reach in order to perform convincingly even in confined spaces.

KR CYBERTECH nano consists of two product families – KR CYBERTECH nano for handling and assembly of small components and KR CYBERTECH ARC nano specialized in welding applications. Both families are available in different payload variants: the KR CYBERTECH nano with 6, 8 and 10 kg payload capacity with a reach of 1,820, 1,620 and 1,420 mm respectively and the KR CYBERTECH ARC nano with 6 and 8 kg payload capacity with a reach of 1,820 and 1,620 or 1,420 mm.

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