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Kawasaki Collaborative Dual-Arm SCARA Robot - duAro2

Model: WD003N

Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

Image of Kawasaki Collaborative Dual-Arm SCARA Robot - duAro2


~ Kawasaki's new addition to their line of collaborative robots features an increased vertical stroke and payload capacity, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications ~

As a response to growing industry-wide interest in collaborative robotics, Kawasaki Robotics has added a new robot to their line of duAro cobots for the North American market. The duAro2 robot features the same innovative qualities of Kawasaki’s original collaborative dual-arm SCARA robot, duAro, with an extended vertical stroke and increased payload. duAro robots are a cost-effective robotic solution for assembly, material handling, inspection, machine tending and dispensing applications. Their easy teaching functionality and mobile, collaborative design make them ideal for short product cycles and frequent changeovers.

The duAro2 robot’s vertical stroke has increased by 400 mm (150 to 550 mm) and payload has increased by 1 kg per arm (from 2 to kg per arm, 6 kg total).  The duAro2’s expanded working range allows the new robot to be used for an even wider variety of applications, including packaging and rack loading.

For optimal performance, the duAro2 robot runs on one of Kawasaki’s industry-leading F series controllers, built specifically for duAro robots.  The F61 controller features options for integrated 2D vision, Bluetooth connectivity and encoder-supported conveyor synchronization, among others, and is versatile in its installation. It can be housed inside the duAro2’s slim, wheeled cabinet (integrated installation option) or on its own, connected to the robot through cables (separated installation option). This flexibility enables users to utilize duAro robots in almost any layout.


duAro2's extended vertical stroke (150 to 550 mm) and increased payload (from 2 to kg per arm, 6 kg total) allows the robot to be used for a wider variety of applications.


The slim cart allows for installation in tight spaces. The installation options for integrated or separated controller help duAro2 fit into a variety of layouts.


The duAro robot, with its two coaxial arms operated by one controller, can fit into a one-person space.  In addition providing independent arm operation, the single-axis configuration enables the robots to easily perform coordinated arm movements, much like a human.


Low-power motors, a soft body, speed, force and work zone monitoring, and a deceleration function enable duAro robots to safely collaborate with humans in work operations.  In the unlikely event of a collision, the collision detection function instantaneously stops the robot’s movement.


The lead-through teach function allows the user to easily teach the robot tasks by hand guiding its arms. Teaching operations can also be conveyed via a tablet which can be connected to multiple robots.

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