JADAK, a Novanta Company Product

Allegro USB Camera Series

JADAK, a Novanta Company

Fully customizable cameras for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) requiring superior image quality and high speed.

Image of Allegro USB Camera Series

The Allegro USB Smart Camera line is JADAK’s fully customizable solution for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) requiring superior image quality and high speed.

Many customers rely on the low upfront costs, fast time to market and rapid prototyping that the Allegro USB camera line provides, since all cameras use standard hardware.  From there, the JADAK engineering team works to customize the camera to the applications' exact specifications including fully customized imaging systems.  The cameras inherent ease of installation and setup make them invaluable in accelerating rapid development to market, enhancing performance applications and contributing to increased margins.

All Allegro models are configured with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and large image buffers to allow OEM machine vision applications the flexibility for complete customization, field upgradability, modularity, high speed, scalability, and parallel processing. The FPGA also enables a modular architecture that supports multiple sensors, including an extensive line of Sony sensors.  Allegro cameras support the USB3 Vision™ interface (up to 400 MB/s) and can include customer specific image processing and requirements.

Allegro USB Smart Cameras are unique in their feature of LightWise Image Processing, enabling superior image quality, high performance as modules use parallel processing to maintain sensor speed, as well as configurability, allowing for mix and match of modules and parameterization for handling different sensor and pixel sizes.

Each Allegro variant delivers high-resolution capability in a compact form factor, approximately 126 grams without optics, constructed of heavy duty aluminum, fully sealed sensors, with pre-drilled mounting holes for convenience (tripod mount available).


  • OEMs requiring high-quality and economical machine vision solutions
  • Pre-analytical and analytical In-Vitro Diagnostics
  • Surgical visualization
  • Microscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Industrial vision

Features and Benefits

  • Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
  • Large FPGA and engineer-to-engineer collaboration allows for complete customization
  • Supports USB3 Vision™ interface up to 400 MB/s
  • Advanced image processing available such as High Dynamic Range (HDR), Multi-ROI, Tracking and Transformation (Allegro CMV 12000 only)
  • 256 MB on-board frame buffer memory
  • Compact lightweight form factor
  • Heavy duty aluminum and sealed sensor construction
  • C-mount, CS-mount, F-mount options
  • Mounting holes, and tripod options

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