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KA Series Lateral Alignment Device

Model: Compensation Modules

IPR Robotics, LLC

Image of KA Series Lateral Alignment Device

Operating Principle

The compensation movement is implemented through linear roller guidance based on the compound slider principle. Compensation takes place without reaction force. The fixture can be locked in a central position using a double- action pneumatic cylinder. The compensation can take place two-dimensionally in the x-y direction. The adjustment of the gripper is made by the closing of the ripper with appropriate finger design.

  • Specifically designed for wide compensation movements
  • Tolerance compensation with position offset in x-y direction up to + / - 5 mm
  • Compensation takes place without force
  • Prevents wedging and jamming when inserting and removing workpieces
  • Protects robots and automatic assembly machines against wear
  • Combinable with Z-axis compliance device
  • Individual adaptation to customer specific problems is possible

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