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FM Series - Compliance Wrist

Model: Compensation Modules

IPR Robotics, LLC

Image of FM Series - Compliance Wrist

Operating Principle

The position compensation is made possible through specially developed elastomer elements. If a position offset occurs, the workpiece to be inserted will be moved automatically by the resulting reaction forces in such a way that jamming and wedging of the part is prevented. Depending on the chamfer present, positioning misalignments of up to +/-  mm and angular misalignments of up to 2 degrees can be compensated. The compensation takes place horizontally in the x-y plane and about the x-y-z axis for angular compensation. After extension, the element returns back into the starting position through self-centering.

  • Prevents edging and jamming of parts
  • Protects robots and assembly structures from excessive wear through minimizing the insertion forces
  • Time reduction of operating cycles
  • Economic solution

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