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Ergonomic Universal Work Station

Hil-Man Automation LLC

We keep this popular ergonomic universal work station in stock and ready to be customized to suit your needs.

Image of Ergonomic Universal Work Station

Perfect for lean manufacturing work cells, this rugged out-of-the-box unit was designed with a unique bearing and drive combination to hold heavy side loads of up to 800 pounds.

All bases can be ordered with a fixed position that can be retrofitted with an off the shelf adjustability kit. The adjustable height drive only requires 110v.

  • 800# Lift Capacity

  • Electric Adjustable Height (36” +/- 6”)

  • Overhead Light

  • Operator Fan

  • Fork Tubes

  • 4” Casters (two swivel/two fixed)

  • Courtesy Outlet, Light Switch, Motor up/down Switch

  • Standard Color is Anew Grey

  • Basic Unit In Stock

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