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DOMINO series - Analog image acquisition boards with perfect digital quality


Image of DOMINO series - Analog image acquisition boards with perfect digital quality The Domino series is a range of high-end PCI and PCI Express frame grabbers for analog cameras. They support any system function associated to industrial acquisition, such as camera asynchronous reset, exposure and strobe control. The latest Domino boards - Melody, Harmony and Symphony - are based on an innovative proprietary technology called D³ Technology™. It provides a perfect digital image with the benefits of a proven analog environment: low-cost, reliable cabling and connections, smallest cameras, low power, ... The D³ Technology™* offers unequalled signal stability and image quality to the analog acquisition. These boards are further enhanced by extensive on-board I/O capabilities. Support of analog cameras - Progressive or interlaced scanning - Synchronous timing or asynchronous reset and shutter control - Monochrome or RGB - High-resolution, support for mega-pixel cameras High-accuracy 10-bit 40/60 MHz A/D converters - 8- or 10-bit input look-up-table and programmable input filter - Programmable gain and offset control On-board memory Trigger, strobe, enhanced I/O lines Internal connectors: video, system and power

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