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Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG

Model: 3620-4


Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG -

Image of Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG

Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 JPEG

Four-connection CoaXPress CXP-12 frame grabber with JPEG compression

  • Four 250 MPixels/s JPEG encoders
  • Compatible with 8-bit/pixel Bayer CFA cameras
  • Two streams per camera: JPEG stream and RGB preview stream
  • Four CoaXPress CXP-12 connections: 5,000 MB/s camera bandwidth
  • PCIe 3.0 (Gen 3) x8 bus: 6,700 MB/s bus bandwidth
  • More on Euresys - Frame Grabber for CoaXPress

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