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Image of DynaCal Typically robots are programmed manually, or "taught' because physical robot cell installations cannot be built exactly to "spec". Each robot is manufactured slightly different, each end-effector is mounted different than originally planned, and the fixture is never exactly where it was designed to be. For that reason, computer-aided techniques intended to automate the programming process (off-line programming) have generally remained ineffective because manual "touch-up is still required. Dynalog's DynaCal solution eliminates the discrepancies between the "actual build" and the Nominal design" in any robot installation by using sophisticated mathematical routines to automatically "identify" through accurate measurement, any discrepancies within the robot cell (i.e. the robot, the TCP, and the fixture alignment - all simultaneously), and then transparently "compensates" for them. Because of this technology, a full range of automated techniques for programming robots (i.e. off-line programming, robot cell cloning, robot cell moving, robot maintenance, etc.) is now available, providing the ability to launch, repair, modify, and upgrade new and existing production lines - fast and accurately!

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