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Brushless DC Motor Drive

Model: 700BDC Series

Dart Controls, Inc.

Image of  Brushless DC Motor Drive

Dart’s 700BDC Series of DC brushless motor controls provides variable speed operation for most brushless DC motors. Compact, economical, and ENERGY EFFICIENT, the 700BDC Series provides the newest alternative in motor control. These drives are ideal where high speed or quiet operation is needed, combined with a BLDC motor completely eliminating brush wear. The 700 Series may be provided with a pluggable connector and fixed speed settings for OEM applications. The 700BDC / 730BDC / 731BDC models are ideal for fan, pump and other basic applications. The 733BDC is suited for those applications where more sophisticated motor speed profile control is needed (ACCEL/DECEL). Model 733BDC has a unique Current Limit Latch feature that allows many options for addressing equipment and personnel safety in overload conditions.

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