ASPINA Product

ASPINA Robotic Gripper


ASPINA's robotic gripper is customizable and offers precise control, strong gripping force and a wide opening range with suction.

Image of ASPINA Robotic Gripper

ASPINA Robotic Gripper with integrated controller 


  • Strong gripping force and wide opening range 
    • A gripping focrce of 50N allows for lifting weights up to 3kg and.
    • A wide opening diameter of 143mm enables handling of various objects.
  • Plug & Play
    • Universal Robots UR+
    • Techman Robot
    • FANUC
    • EPSON
    • KAWADA Robotics 
  • Hollow channel structure
    • Tubes and cables can  be passed through the hollow channel structure which allows for the flexibility to add additional equiptment such as cameras, sensors, and pneumatic tools.  
  • Customization 
    • The fingers can be eaisly replaced and their shapes can be customized. Mounting surfaces allow the use of an optional finger, guide, and other equiptment.
  • Passive holding fuction 
    • In case of sudden electric power loss the gripper maintains its position mechanically to ensure the workplace remains securley grasped.
    • The support of the mechanical holding function reduces the power consumption to a minimum.  
  • Precise control 
    • Torque, position and speed control are available.
    • Position and speed adjustments can be made in incriments of 0.1%
    • Gripping force adjustments in incriments of 0.5%
    • Additional functions include 2 stage operation and grip detection 

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