Artemis Vision Product

Image of visionWrangler Vision Wrangler combines industrial cameras and optics from industry leaders, in tandem with GS1-compliant image processing software, to provide 100% product inspection, tracking and reporting for stand-alone production systems, or as part of a global network. Vision Wrangler comes complete with all necessary imaging hardware and software for plug-and-play operation. The standards-based production tracking, quality assurance and reporting system is compliant with electronic product code information services (EPCIS), making it easy to store and share production data with upstream suppliers or downstream distributors and customers. Vision Wrangler tracks 100% of production while inspecting each product for quality assurance. Should production equipment fall out of spec, Vision Wrangler will text or email technical staff while providing statistical process control (SPC) data to help engineering specialists correct the problem and limit waste. Production data and product images, can be exported to customer-defined databases or Excel spreadsheets, and is fully visible and searchable using a standard web browser. A standardized tool, integrating a printer, a database and a vision system. To serialize and record everything you ship.

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