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ADLINK Full HD 1080P Frame Grabber

ADLINK Technology, Inc.

Image of ADLINK Full HD 1080P Frame Grabber ADLINK's HDV62, a full high-definition frame grabber, delivers uncompressed images acquisition and video streaming. With 1920x1080p resolution, progressive scan, and noise reduction features, HDV62 achieves greater image quality, as well as a wide aspect ratio that is more comfortable to the human eye. Equipped with an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and 512 MB memory buffer, the HDV62 is able to stream image of a specified area to the host PC, and real-time hardware color space conversion to offload repetitive tasks from the host CPU. In addition, based on the PCI Express® x4 interface HDV62 is specifically designed for medical imaging, scientific imaging, military application and high-end video surveillance system integrators by providing lossless pixel information for both spatial and frequency domain analysis. Click here for more information.

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