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Zimmer Group US Webinar - New Collaborative Gripper with Programmable FreeDrive Button

POSTED 11/22/2019

This is an invitation to attend our upcoming webinar. In this installment of our periodic webinar series, we would like to introduce the innovative HRC-03 collaborative gripper. We are introducing a new version of our collaborative gripper with some exciting and compelling new features. The gripper is aimed at customers who are using collaborative robots and want an easy to set-up, cost effective gripper.
We will also show off two other upcoming products that further enhance our “electric gripper” product line.


Hosted by Costas Charalambous, he will cover the following:

  • Unique design features of the HRC-03 collaborative gripper
  • A quick demo showing the installation and setup of gripper
  • Quick overview of Zimmer Group’s solutions for cobots.
  • Preview of the new GED6000IL long-stroke electric grippers
  • Preview of the new SCM module for IO-Link products.


Thursday 12th December 11am - 11.40am Eastern Time

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