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Founded over 25 years ago, Z-LASER is seen as the emerging leader in providing structured laser light for industrial inspection, automation, medical device and bio-photonic applications in the North America marketplace. With more than 30,000 lasers sold in North America alone in the past few years, certified as ISO 9001:2008 since 1994 and offering access to our dedicated R&D team ready to discuss your custom laser requirements or to our highly trained staff knowledgeable in many areas of machine vision and 3D using our standard products, we can fulfill your most demanding requirements. All design and manufacturing is done at our state of the art factory in Germany. With a product range that spans from 1mW to 7000mW, wavelengths from 404nm to 950nm, lasers as short as 2”, lasers that offer the best "bang for the buck" with standard IP67 build, to the industry’s first fiber coupled laser on a OEM PCB design, we have the product and the knowledge to answer any laser requirement.

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ZFSM Product Family - Lasers for Medical Applications

POSTED 07/17/2013

iburg, Germany – Z-LASER is an internationally known manufacturer of line lasers and laser projectors for positioning applications and instrumentation. One of the key areas of expertise is based on years of experience in special requirements and difficult applications where custom solutions are needed.

ZFSM product familyFor over 25 years in the medical field, Z-LASER in close cooperation with leading manufacturers, has developed products for medical laser systems, modules, customized solutions for patient positioning, dermatology, radiotherapy and surgery.

Applications for patient positioning:
For accurate patient positioning in X-ray or MRI typically Laser Class 1 laser modules are used. Z-LASER supplies various manufacturers of such scanners with systems tailored to the laser modules. For example, with C-arms a visualized cross axis laser marks the exact Iso-Center. This minimizes false recordings and hence the dose of radiation to the patient. Depending on the application, either the laser amplifier images or the X-ray source are integrated.

Application Dermatology:
For the treatment of soft tissue in cosmetic dermatology, Z-LASER developed lasers with different wavelengths from blue to infrared with power levels up to half a Watt. Fibre coupling can also be used in such applications.

Application radiotherapy:
The laser scale is used as a distance measurement device. The geometry ensures that the patient is the exact distance away from the radiation source. This allows the source to accurately adjust to the patient. The measuring scale is generated by a special lens that was developed specifically for the manufacturer of the irradiation system.

Application Surgery:
For surgical lasers that operate in the infrared spectrum (not visible to the eye), a customized Z-LASER visible pilot laser was developed. This is especially important for long beam deflection systems where a good focus and circular spot is required.

For the medical field and the applications mentioned above, there is this year, the new ZFSM product family:

These lasers are available with red, green, blue and infrared wavelengths with output powers up to 50mW. The optical properties of the fibres in comparison to pure diodes, are better in terms of the beam profile (M ² ~ 1.05), and the geometry of the radiation. Depending on the optic, small and perfect round dots or very thin homogeneous lines are produced (e.g. 8μm at 30mm working distance, 1/e ² and ± 5% line homogeneity).

ZFSM separates the optics through an optical fibre cable from the laser source to its associated electronics. The electronics are external and the laser has less heat to dissipate and has no direct influence on the optical system (high stability of the projection). The optics can be mounted several meters away from the laser source. The optics can be exchanged in a running system due to the standard fibre connectors used.

ZFSM is as an OEM solution offered in many versions including bare electronics module or enclosed in a housing with the laser source, driver electronics and standard fibre connector. The customer is free to choose between using a custom fibre solution or suitable fibre optics and accessories. By fibre coupling, the module can be scaled. It can be controlled, for example, a plurality of laser sources (RGB) individually coupled to one or more fibres.

Since inception in 1985, Z-LASER is known as a manufacturer of industrial laser systems for manufacturing, machine vision, measurement and medical applications as well as appliance in analysis and science. The team has its own large development department that utilizes our expertise in optoelectronics and laser technology to come up with innovative solutions.

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