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Vision Components is a leading international manufacturer of embedded vision systems. The freely programmable cameras with powerful onboard CPUs perform image processing tasks on their own without additional computer. Vision Compo-nents offers OEMs versatile Linux-based embedded systems for 2D and 3D image processing, supplied as board cameras or in protective casings. These are complemented by a growing range of ultracompact MIPI camera boards, which connect to a variety of different CPU boards. Software libraries and customized solutions are also part of the program. The team of experts can draw on extensive knowledge and over 20 years of experience with imaging applications. The company based in Ettlingen, Germany, was founded in 1996 by Michael Engel, the inventor of the first industrial-grade intelligent camera. Today, Vision Components works with local partners in over 25 countries to provide consistent customer focus and readily available expertise throughout the world.

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Z Series Intelligent Cameras Now with Penguin Support

POSTED 10/20/2014

g title="Intelligent cameras now with penguin support: Vision Components enter the Linux era" hspace="15" alt="Intelligent cameras now with penguin support: Vision Components enter the Linux era" vspace="15" align="right" src="/userAssets/aiaUploads/image/Vision-Components_Z-Series_penguin.png" />At this year’s VISION exhibition, Vision Components (hall 1, stand F42) will showcase a new generation of intelligent cameras with innovative hardware and software. Operating with Linux firmware, the systems follow a new processor approach: until now, VC has been using freely programmable DSPs combined with the proprietary VCRT operating system which ensures optimal hardware utilization. Now, the VC Z series employs a new Xilinx hardware module that integrates FPGA logic and a dual core ARM processor. Both elements can be programmed. This design not only minimizes the required space on the board, but also enables a considerable speed boost, if required: since the FPGA can now be used for image processing, this process can be executed up to ten times faster than without FPGA support.

“We see the combination of Linux as an operating system and an ARM processor as a future-proof approach that opens up new possibilities for our users. Our VC Z cameras are now for instance suitable for high-speed or line scan applications that were not easy to implement with former models”, says the VC CEO and founder Michael Engel. With VC Z units, users can continue to rely on ready-to-use intelligent cameras that independently execute all image processing routines. At the same time, Vision Components have made the recently extended VC Lib image processing library which encompasses the basic software for all intelligent VC cameras available free of charge. Users can now employ more than 300 VC Lib functions free of charge, without any additional costs for runtime licenses or other fees. The most experienced supplier of industrial embedded machine vision systems worldwide, VC also offers a wide range of consulting services. Customers can now choose between ARM/VC Linux-based and DSP/VCRT-based camera models, depending on what solution is best for their application. If required, VC experts will support them along the way.