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Founded over 25 years ago, Z-LASER is seen as the emerging leader in providing structured laser light for industrial inspection, automation, medical device and bio-photonic applications in the North America marketplace. With more than 30,000 lasers sold in North America alone in the past few years, certified as ISO 9001:2008 since 1994 and offering access to our dedicated R&D team ready to discuss your custom laser requirements or to our highly trained staff knowledgeable in many areas of machine vision and 3D using our standard products, we can fulfill your most demanding requirements. All design and manufacturing is done at our state of the art factory in Germany. With a product range that spans from 1mW to 7000mW, wavelengths from 404nm to 950nm, lasers as short as 2”, lasers that offer the best "bang for the buck" with standard IP67 build, to the industry’s first fiber coupled laser on a OEM PCB design, we have the product and the knowledge to answer any laser requirement.

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Z-LASER had a Successful Business Year 2012, Successful Quarter Q3/2013

POSTED 11/20/2013

ASER Optoelektronik GmbH is proud to announce a successful business year in 2012. "The turnover has grown 15% more in comparison to last year," declared the CEO Stefan Randak.

Additionally the development in the first three quarters of 2013 is a reason to be optimistic. "We witnessed an important rise of turnover compared to the same period last year," informed Randak.

Another contribution to this success is the current development of the business areas (positioning lasers, lasers for machine vision, laser projectors, OEM and trade goods), as well as the customer oriented improvement of the research, the sales and the administrative departments. "We are on the right path. Our qualified team, our high quality products, along with our expertise and a high diversification (from classical application sectors such as wood, stone or concrete to industrial manufacturing processes or medical engineering) are factors for success, of which our customers profit", declared Randak.

The homepage of Z-LASER has been completely redesigned and shines in a new look! There is new content as well as images, for example, in many of the applications. The laser products are now assigned to the individual business areas, so you can find line lasers for positioning just as fast as complex laser systems for industrial machine vision... or try the new product finder, we are looking forward to your visit!

Founded in 1985, Z-LASER is well-known as a manufacturer of industrial laser systems for manufacturing, machine vision, measurement and medical applications as well as applications in analysis and science. The team has its own large development department that utilizes our expertise in optoelectronics and laser technology to come up with innovative solutions.
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