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Weekly Bot Brief Newsletter on Robotics 9/25/2020

POSTED 09/27/2020

"There is no force on earth more powerful than an idea whose time has come."  -Victor Hugo


Bots in The News:Bot Index vs. S & P 500, 9-27-2020

Eight companies within the Bot Index that posted weekly declines more than 5% provided considerable headwinds for the Index. The four consecutive week string of the bots performing better than the broad average came to a halt. The S & P 500 fell only sixty-three basis points while the Bot Index tumbled almost three percent. While the majority of the blame fell on three low price components of the Bot Index that declined by double digits, the Asian holdings, which have been recording strength of late, all were in negative territory by week’s end.

Apple, who had been on a three week decline since its split, bounced back with a 5.09% jump. Morgan Stanley’s favorable comment about the upcoming of Apple’s launch of the first-generation of 5G-capable iPhones attributed to the turnaround.

Stating that the current quarter looks like, “a holiday quarter” regarding the  demand for Nvidia’s graphics cards, the chief investment strategist for Cascend Securities increased his target for the stock to $560. The stock closed up 5.62% to end the week at $514.95.

As previously noted, the three double digit losers were the low-priced shares of Oceaneering International (-14.87%), Accuray Inc. (-13.21) and 3D Systems (-12.59%).

Tesla’s Battery Day did not excite investors which forced the stock to retreat 7.87%. The stock had run up 18.63% in the prior week in anticipate of a possible blockbuster announcement by management. The blockbuster turned out to be non-inspiring.

Shares of the other EV Bot holding – NIO Ltd. declined 5.62% possibly due to the announcement by Volkswagen of an electronic vehicle of their own - the ID.4 SUV as a potential competitor.

2020 Bot Index vs. S & P 500, 9-27-2020

For $250 You Can Ring Your Home or Business With Security:

Amazon’s 2018 acquisition of the Ring Security Company announced last week that they have created a new concept in home security. The division just unveiled its Always Home Cam that incorporates a live camera feed attached to a flying drone. The device will fly from room to room on a preprogramed path and, if it senses some form of security aberration, it will hover over the sector sending live pictures to the owner. When the drone senses its power is becoming expended, it will autonomously dock with its charging station and cease its video production.



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