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Web Inspection Increases Competitiveness of Packaging Manufacturers

POSTED 07/26/2011

Increasingly, high demands are being placed on the quality of cardboard packaging. With the new web inspection systems from ISRA PARSYTEC, 100 % of all quality-relevant defects are reliably identified and classified. Defects are no longer allowed to pass through to further processing stages and the causes of defects can be recognized online and corrected. For this purpose, the latest super-fast line cameras ensure the maximum resolution, even for the finest scratches and dents. This is accomplished with the fewest cost effective components.

There is a high level of consumer acceptance for paperboard packaging. According to the Cooperation Panel of German packaging manufacturers, packages made from paper, cardboard and paperboard dominate the packaging market.

The decision on whether to buy or reject a product is usually reached by a consumer within 1.6 seconds and 35 % of the purchasing decisions at the point of sale are based on the package appearance. Attractive packaging even increases the customer’s willingness to pay a higher price for a product. Quality packaging adds value to the product. For these reasons, the demand for high-quality packages is growing worldwide. In addition, it is also important to communicate accurate and legible information such as ingredients.  The slightest variations or defects on the packaging surfaces cause not only a reduction of value for the product but the value of the brand.

Very high resolution makes it possible to identify all critical defects
For paperboard suppliers, it is essential to identify defects as soon as possible, so that they can be eliminated on-line and to prevent their delivery, ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction. Critical paperboard defects such as scratches are hard to see visually before printing but are clearly evident after printing.

The latest web inspection system from ISRA VISION PARSYTEC was developed specifically for these “hard to see” defects. Employing special lighting and camera technology, quality can be assured and information to reduce defects and improve the process is realized.

The latest inspection system consists of the latest technology and provides a scalable platform for machine specific requirements
Equipped with the latest high resolution cameras, advanced image processing algorithms and optimized illumination technology, defects have no chance to escape detection. Higher resolution cameras offer superior imaging (hi def), resulting in detection of tiny defects that frustrate printers. These cameras also reduce system costs and maintenance by reducing the required number of cameras.

Detect, classify and effectively reduce defects
The latest web inspection system, in addition to detecting and classifying defects in real time, provides trends, statistics, and information for benchmarking and process improvement. Accurate classification of defects results in fast root cause analysis and corrective action – reducing waste. The powerful classifier – delivered ready to go with the system, ensures immediate value and fast payback

Integrated solution package
The inspection system is provided as an integrated solution. The computer technology is compact and offers solid state hard drive technology for maximum reliability and up-time.

Seamless integration with event capturing cameras placed throughout critical process points on the coater or paper machine allow the source of defects and sheet breaks to be quickly determined and corrected.  

This unified solution provides an easy to use view with a complete data and process management solution.

The latest inspection systems offer paperboard suppliers product quality and process quality improvements resulting in higher customer satisfaction and reduced scrap. ISRA VISION PARSYTEC is committed to helping paperboard suppliers to meet the latest quality demands with certainty and increased production.

About the company:
ISRA VISION PARSYTEC AG is the world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems; today 15 of the top 20 paper producers employ their products.  With more than 730 installations worldwide, it provides the most advanced and customized surface inspection systems, delivering reliable and comprehensive information of all relevant surface defects across the various production steps. Together with innovative EXPERT5i software solutions, customers are able to easily create individual surface quality yield management applications, while integrating surface quality data with process data. 

The ISRA VISION Group is the world's largest and most capable vendor of surface inspection systems. The systems are used in the glass, banknote paper, paper, plastics, non-woven fabrics, printing and metalworking industries. The ISRA VISION Group is operating globally with its headquarters in Germany (Darmstadt and Aachen) as well as 15 additional subsidiaries worldwide, e.g. in North America, Korea and China.