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Waypoint Robotics lives and breathes their mantra of “Workforce First,” which means that empathy with the end user is the starting point and the deciding factor for design and engineering decisions. That approach has led to the development of easy to use, fully autonomous, industrial strength, mobile robots, which can be setup and used by the current workforce that is on the job today. Ease of use at this level is unprecedented, and it’s Waypoint’s key differentiator. Waypoint’s autonomous robots provide a foundation of technical excellence that makes it possible to excel in the UX space. Waypoint is committed to creating a simpler and better total user experience for the workforce, and give them the tools they need in Industry 4.0.

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Waypoint Robotics Moves to Larger Nashua, NH Location

POSTED 10/23/2019

New facility features 4x the manufacturing space, test track, and expanded office area.

Nashua, New Hampshire - To meet growing demand for its autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), Waypoint Robotics has moved into a larger manufacturing facility in Nashua, NH. The new location features expanded space for production, design, engineering, QC, and robot testing.  

“The response for our Vector & MAV3K AMRs has been strong and we quickly outgrew our Merrimack, NH location.  We need space to ramp up production as customers transition from pilot programs into scaling their robot fleets” says CEO & Co-Founder, Jason Walker.  “We also feel fortunate to remain in southern New Hampshire, an area that has been incredibly supportive and valuable in fostering our growth.”  

The new facility allows for more demonstration space for customers considering this relatively new technology to enhance their operation. “Businesses of all sizes are having trouble attracting and retaining talent and want to give their existing, valued workforce the tools they need to be more effective in an Industry 4.0 environment,” Walker continued. “We can demonstrate how quickly Vector and MAV3K can be set up to do real work in the real world. Workers on the job today can use these tools with confidence and take pride in making their companies more efficient and competitive.” 

With this larger location, Waypoint can also welcome local tech and community STEM events. For example, on Tuesday, October 29th, Waypoint will host the third stop on the New Hampshire Tech Alliance (NHTA) Listening Tour designed to foster new ideas, connections, and partnerships. Members of the New Hampshire tech community and the public at large will be treated to a tour of the new facility and autonomous mobile robot demonstrations.   

About Waypoint Robotics, Inc.
Waypoint Robotics, located in Nashua, NH,  develops and manufactures fully autonomous mobile robots that are easy to use, industrial strength, and designed to be setup and used by the workforce that is on the job today. Vector, MAV3K, and supporting products can be put to work immediately, adding to workers’ capabilities, increasing their efficiency, and strengthening their companies.

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