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Waypoint Robotics lives and breathes their mantra of “Workforce First,” which means that empathy with the end user is the starting point and the deciding factor for design and engineering decisions. That approach has led to the development of easy to use, fully autonomous, industrial strength, mobile robots, which can be setup and used by the current workforce that is on the job today. Ease of use at this level is unprecedented, and it’s Waypoint’s key differentiator. Waypoint’s autonomous robots provide a foundation of technical excellence that makes it possible to excel in the UX space. Waypoint is committed to creating a simpler and better total user experience for the workforce, and give them the tools they need in Industry 4.0.

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Waypoint Part of ARM Interoperability Project with FedEx, Siemens, & Yaskawa

POSTED 10/19/2020

NASHUA, NH – The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing, or ARM, Institute announced today that it has chosen eight new projects, which will receive a total of $7.5 million. ARM said it plans to award $2.9 million, and participating organizations will contribute $4.6 million in cost share. To date, ARM has invested in over 70 robotics technology and workforce development projects.

The ARM Institute, in partnership with its 270+ member organizations, identifies areas of need in manufacturing, which are used as strategic focus areas in its project calls. These focus areas have become increasingly important as the nation looks to strengthen supply chains and domestic manufacturing in the wake of COVID-19. Many of the selected projects have the potential to help the manufacturing ecosystem generally, while also equipping the nation to better respond to future crises.

Waypoint is part of a project working on an interoperability initiative among a mixed fleet of autonomous mobile robots.  Since certain robots are better suited for certain applications, this important project will help companies more easily adopt AMRs within their facilities  to satisfy  specific requirements.

Below is more information on the project & participating companies:

Interoperability and Orchestration of Autonomous Mobile Robots
Lead: Siemens Technology

Partners: FedEx, Yaskawa Motoman, Waypoint Robotics, University of Memphis

Description: Current practice sees each autonomous mobile robot (AMR) vendor using its own custom fleet management software platform, making it difficult for end-users to operate a fleet of mixed AMR brands efficiently. This project aims to enable AMR cross-vendor communication and management, lowering the barriers for the further adoption of AMRs. The outputs from this project are expected to result in lower training time for operators and increased productivity.

Here’s a complete list of the eight projects that were chosen and more information from the ARM Institute.