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The German camera manufacturer offers a wide range of streaming, smart and intelligent component for industrial and scientific image processing. Streaming: USB cameras and external frame grabbers for analog cameras. Smart: USB cameras with integrated preprocessing of image data on the FPGA-chip. Intelligent: Programmable OEM cameras with DSP for image processing and ARM running Linux.

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VRmIC3 OEM – Intelligent OEM Camera for Industrial Applications

POSTED 03/09/2015

VRmagic offers a new intelligent camera that is perfectly suited for applications in industrial environments, the VRmIC3 OEM. The German camera manufacturer VRmagic has extended its product range by an intelligent OEM camera.

VRmagic offers a new intelligent camera that is perfectly suited for applications in industrial environments, the VRmIC3 OEM. The camera features a wide range of interfaces and an industry-compliant 12...48 V DC wide-range power input with overvoltage and reverse polarity protection. Based on the powerful D3 intelligent camera platform, applications in quality control, surface inspection, or assembly inspection can be implemented easily.

The D3 intelligent camera platform features a 1GHz ARM-Cortex-A8-RISC MPU with floating point unit (FPU) running Ubuntu Linux and a 700 MHz C674x VLIW DSP with FPU. 2 GB DDR3-800 RAM and 16 GB Flash on-board are available as memory.

The VRmIC3 OEM comes with a large number of interfaces like Gigabit Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, USB 2.0 Host, and RS232. Furthermore, it has a compact design with a single main board and a separate sensor board. The VRmIC3 OEM is available as single-sensor camera and as remote-sensor camera. In addition to the OEM product there are also versions with S-Mount and C-Mount lens holders.

„In an industrial environment, an embedded system needs to communicate with other devices  within the production process in a variety of ways” states Oliver Menken, Director of VRmagic Imaging. “With its broad range of industry-optimized interfaces, the VRmIC3 OEM is optimized for the flexible and cost-effective connection to the process peripherals. This way it ensures that customers can implement reliable and economic applications in the field of automation and measurement technology.”

A large portfolio of image processing software is available for application developers. The D3 intelligent platform supports complex programming libraries like Common Vision Blox Embedded and HALCON Embedded, easy-to-use  image processing software like Eye Vision, and the open source program library OpneCV. The D3 is also compatible with GStreamer, Qt®, TI DSP Codecs, TI IMGLIB and VM_LIB.

About VRmagic
Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, VRmagic develops, manufactures and sells cameras for industrial image processing, optical tracking systems and VR technology. The second business division specializes in simulators for medical training.

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