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Specialised in industrial vision for more than 25 years, Visio Nerf was able to set itself apart, and thanks to products with increasingly higher levels of performance, the know-how of its qualified personnel and the rigour in its commitment to its customers, now offers an innovative range of 3D sensors. These new scanners called Cirrus make it possible to respond to often complex applications in complete simplicity. From locating parts in bulk for loading machine tools, to correcting robot trajectories for depositing putty or a windscreen on a vehicle, without forgetting parts inspection directly on the production line, these high-end products push back the limits in industrial vision in order to offer you maximum performance and return on investment on your production lines.

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VISIO NERF reinforces its presence in the US!

POSTED 02/19/2020

We’re opening a new office in Rochester Hills, Michigan!  The main goal is the company’s overall growth strategy and will provide local support to U.S. clients.

VISIO NERF has started to sell to industrial clients high end product cirrus3D,  the highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D camera with high speed scan. Thanks to the unique combination of our high quality 3D sensor and our patented software called eyesberg3D. 

The expansion into the U.S. market is a significant part of VISIO NERF's development strategy and strengthens its leadership position in the field of 3D vision technology.