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The Baumer Group is one of the world’s leading experts for high performing sensors and sensor systems in industrial automation. The unrivalled broad product portfolio, measuring precision and smart sensor functionalities provide intelligent solutions for digitalized production. Baumer Optronic GmbH as a subsidiary offers high-performance industrial cameras, smart cameras, vision sensors, and software as well as OEM vision engineering for customized vision components.

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VisiLine® SD Cameras Simplify Image Evaluation and Integration

POSTED 10/09/2012

Baumer GigE Cameras Permit Identical Color Reproduction in Multi-Camera Applications

Baumer presents VisiLine SD Series of GigE CamerasBy perfecting image quality, simplifying camera integration and delivering reliable long-term stability, the new VisiLine® SD series of GigE cameras from Baumer redefines industrial image processing standards. Improved integrated color calibration produces virtually identical colors from camera to camera, facilitating applications with multiple, simultaneously-operating cameras.

The VisiLine® SD camera series includes CCD and CMOS models that acquire up to 160 fps with resolutions from VGA to 4 megapixels. CMOS models feature FPN correction and integrated HDR, which eliminate sensor-related banding and allow the camera to acquire images with major brightness variations within a scene. This simple, robust image evaluation is particularly useful when inspecting homogeneous or reflective surfaces. The cameras' ability to capture HDR images eliminates the need for software provisions to offset multiple images and allows higher frame rates for high speed process inspection.

Baumer VisiLine® SD cameras feature auto-exposure and auto-gain, which allow the cameras to adapt independently to fluctuating light conditions and deliver optimally exposed images that permit precise, stable evaluation. Transferable user sets allow all configurable parameters to be saved in the camera and on the user's PC. Stored configurations can be loaded onto any number of cameras at any time, simplifying integration of new cameras and reducing maintenance costs.

Image sensors are mounted on a carrier strip, ensuring optimal heat dissipation to the housing and highly precise, durably stable sensor position. All new VisiLine® SD series cameras are formatted for GigE Vision® 2.0.

The Baumer Group is a leading international manufacturer of sensors and system solutions for factory and process automation. In 2012, the innovative family-owned company employs about 2,500 people worldwide in 36 locations and 18 countries. The long lasting success is built on high customer focus as well as the innovative and diversified product range of the product segments Sensor Solutions, Motion Control, Vision Technologies, Process Instrumentation, and Gluing Systems.