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Version 2 of Gocator

POSTED 03/22/2011

New Features and Performance Improvements Extend Capabilities while maintaining Ease of Use 

LMI Technologies, a global industry leader in 3D laser measurement and control sensor technology, announces the public launch of release 2 of the Gocator. Release 2 of the Gocator makes its debut with new features that extend its robust capabilities, without compromising its remarkable flexibility, usability, and user-friendliness as well as performance improvements. In addition to the the release 2 Gocator firmware (now available for download), a Gocator app is available for free from Apple's App Store.

"Gocator continues to redefine the landscape of 3D laser line sensors with its ability to allow everybody to perform precision 3D measurements regardless of the complexity of their needs, their choice of operating system, or experience," says LMI's CEO, Terry Arden. "Release 2 of Gocator raises the performance and usability bar even higher."

Highlighting release 2 of the Gocator, which has an improved look and feel, are the High Contrast Profiling, Export to CSV, and Multi-sensor system support via SDK using Master 400/800/1200/2400 networking hardware. These features provide much greater definition in high-contrast targets, the ability to export the replay data in order to plot surface charts for easier visualizations, and a system can now measure more complex objects using up to 24 sensors.

Other significant additions and improvements include: 

  • A new look GUI
  • Measurement Results in the Measurement Panel title bars
  • Sensor-specific X and Y smoothing control
  • New corner detection types
  • Unsaved/modified Configuration Tracking
  • Improved Auto Exposure
  • Increased replay buffer size from 3 MB to 64 MB

A complete list and description of all of the new features and improvements and the firmware upgrade for release 2 of Gocator is available at www.lmi3D.com/support/downloads. To inquire about how Gocator improves inspection, error proofing, gauging, and your competitive edge please contact LMI through email by calling us at +1-604-636-1011 in North America, +31-45-850-7000 in Europe.

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