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FSI Technologies has been an engineering oriented manufacturer of industrial automation products and electronics since 1959. FSI Machine Vision brings that same extensive engineering and scientific expertise to bear in solving complex machine vision applications. FSI can provide complete machine vision automatic inspection systems, consulting, training, engineering and components including Smart Cameras and lighting, for demanding industrial environments and applications. FSI also manufactures a full line of high performance rotary optical encoders, photo-electric sensors and controls for use in industrial applications. We are partnered with NeuroCheck machine vision software, EyeSpector Smart Cameras and Eye Vision Software, Automation Technology 3D sensors, and we are a ViDi Preferred Systems Provider.

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Upgraded NeuroCheck 6.0 SP3A

POSTED 09/13/2011

g width="191" vspace="10" align="right" hspace="10" height="141" src="/userAssets/aiaUploads/Image/FSI_Neurocheck6-0.jpg" alt="Upgraded NeuroCheck 6.0 SP3A" />Breaking news within the world of machine vision, NeuroCheck 6.0 SP3A was released earlier this year!  This latest upgrade features an expanded tool set for added flexibility and a wider variety of applications. Among other uses, NeuroCheck can assist in quality control, measurements of products, correctness of surface detailing and precise positioning. And, as with previous versions of the software, NeuroCheck’s intuitive Windows user interface makes it a user-friendly way to create image processing applications for your workplace.

EyeVision (EVT) software has also received an upgrade. EyeVision Technology version 2.5_28 is now available for demo or purchase. This machine vision software is the foundation of one of EVT’s newest products, the EyeSpector 3D Vision unit. This unit offers a cost effective option for lower and medium speed vision applications.  It joins the family of our other 3D vision products currently available. If you have a need for a 3D vision unit, look no further than the EyeSpector 3D from FSI.