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Universal Logic Announces Large Order for Sixty Artificial Intelligence Robot Cells

POSTED 07/12/2017

NASHVILLE, TN –  Today Universal Logic Inc.® announces a large customer order of sixty Neocortex® Goods to Robot (G2R) Cells for automated order fulfillment of consumer goods.

The undisclosed customer procured sixty (60) complete cells for their order fulfillment of consumer goods. The Neocortex G2R Cells uniquely met their requirements of reliably handling tens of thousands of different consumer goods faster than semi-skilled labor. Each Cell has a 12-month payback. Neocortex G2R Cell

Essential to the G2R Cell’s unprecedented speed and flexibility is Universal’s Neocortex artificial intelligence software. The Cells are compact and pre-engineered to replace supply chain labor in a one-for-one swap and install in one day. They pick items from bins, totes, conveyors or pallets, and place them into shipping boxes, bags, or machine fixtures. The G2R can read barcodes, identify labels, or take measurements. It is used in both finished goods and manufacturing supply chains. Its effective cost is $7 an hour for a two-shift operation.

The Cells include the Spatial Vision® software platform with Neocortex artificial intelligence, a Yaskawa Motoman six-axis robot with controller, pendant, a multi-function gripper, sensors, PLC, HMI, forklift-ready frame, panel, installation, and training. The software as a service (SaaS) includes a five-year remote diagnostic service and software upgrades. Hardware is warrantied for one year. Optional equipment and custom integration are available.

Universal provides supply chains with complete automated material handling systems for high-mix/high-volume applications.  Systems integrate artificial intelligence with vision, grasping, and motion control, giving machines human-like flexibility at high speed. Neocortex artificial intelligence technology was invented for NASA twelve years ago and developed for industrial use by Universal starting in 2008. For more information please contact Universal Logic