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Ultra-Compact 2D Imaging Engine with Dual Optical Field

POSTED 09/20/2012

g vspace="10" hspace="10" align="right" alt="MS-2D Imaging Engine" src="" />RENTON, WA - Microscan announces the availability of the MS-2D imaging engine with dual optical field for linear barcode, 2D symbol and direct part marks (DPM) decoding applications. The new MS-2D engine offers advanced technologies for decoding and is designed specifically for embedded applications. The engine is equipped with a 1.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor (960 x 640 pixels), and thanks to the dual optical field it offers reliable reading of codes ranging from large 1D barcodes to tiny high density 2D symbols.

“What makes the MS-2D engine special is its astounding performance when reading 1D or 2D symbols, as well as direct part marks over a broad working range thanks to the imager’s dual optical field,” said Scott Clifford, Global Market Manager at Microscan. “Our customers are very impressed with its capabilities when reading direct part marks and laser etched codes.”

The ultra-compact MS-2D engine uses X-Mode decoding algorithms and can easily read the most damaged or difficult codes and symbols. Built-in red illumination and blue targeting ensure easy aiming.

These features combined with a very low 5V power draw make the MS-2D a powerful and inexpensive solution for customers with integration capabilities. In addition, users have the option to enable or disable one of the dual optical fields for fixed mount applications for maximum performance.

The size of an intergrated unit with the MS-2D engine and decode board is just 39.0 mm W by 24.9 mm D by 21.8 mm H, and it weighs only 25.7g. The device easy to set up and configure due to Microscan’s ESP® (Easy Setup Program) software, as well as the selectable trigger and symbology settings.

The MS-2D can read all linear bar codes, stacked codes such as GS1 Databar and PDF417, and 2D symbols such as Data Matrix. It can be implemented in a variety of embedded auto ID systems, from electronics assembly to medical devices, clinical instruments and bank ATMs. Various mounting features are available including tabs, blind through holes, and mounting brackets. Configuration options include integrated decode board and mounting bracket, or low profile tab mount with remote decode board. An evaluation kit is available to order with a serial or USB interface.

For more information on the MS-2D and Microscan’s auto ID products, visit our website.

About Microscan

Microscan is a global leader in technology for precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM applications. Founded in 1982, Microscan has a strong history of technology innovation that includes the invention of the first laser diode barcode scanner and the 2D symbology, Data Matrix. Today, Microscan remains a technology leader in automatic identification and machine vision with extensive solutions for ID tracking, traceability and inspection ranging from basic barcode reading up to complex machine vision inspection, identification, and measurement.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company recognized for quality leadership in the U.S., Microscan is known and trusted by customers worldwide as a provider of quality, high precision products. Microscan is a Spectris
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