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TMX6-DHD Series of COTS Cameras

POSTED 09/12/2011

Rugged TMX6-DHD Series meets size and power requirements for military needs; embedded image enhancement technology improves performance in all daylight and weather conditions

Adimec, a world leader in application-specific, leading-edge industrial camera solutions, today unveiled its TMX6-DHD series of COTS cameras, a rugged and versatile line of the industry’s only full HD-resolution cameras capable of up to 60 frames per second (fps) performance. The cameras, aimed at demanding airborne and land defense systems requirements will be introduced at the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEi) event in London September 13 – 16, 2011.

The new line of cameras builds on Adimec’s expertise in defense applications as well as its True Accurate Imaging® technology for superior image quality. They are optimized for use in gimbals and situational awareness systems that require optimal detection, recognition and identification capabilities. The TMX6-DHD series, available in 30fps and 60fps versions, feature the company’s unique image enhancement module that eliminates the effects of a hazy atmosphere due to fog, sunlight or shade scattering to ensure maximum detection and recognition ranges when operated in long focal range applications. This high sensitivity capability extends the operational range of the cameras from dawn until dusk. In addition, its compact, remote sensor head is designed for integration in airborne payloads and other sensor system architectures, and incorporates an automatic shutter and gain control capability.

Other key characteristics of the cameras include a rugged design for harsh outdoor conditions; operating capabilities in a wide range of temperatures (-40C to +71C); and low power consumption.

“The TMX6-DHD series combines Adimec’s leading-edge performance and quality with design and operating characteristics that are well-suited for the most extreme conditions and needs. Our 20 year track record of supplying COTS cameras to defense and military OEMS gives us a deep understanding of the requirements of these systems and we continue to enhance our products that are critical to their operational effectiveness,” said Joost van Kuijk, Vice President Marketing & Technology at Adimec. “The baseline technology platform of this new series of cameras delivers on the key needs of advanced situational awareness systems in terms of compact size, video image performance, and MIL-STD-810 ruggedness. And our ability to customize the camera’s functions, housings and interfaces to meet even more specific needs makes Adimec a valuable partner in this dynamic market.”

The TMX6-DHD cameras are available in 30 and 60 fps versions, both with up to full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) or XSGA (1600 x 1200). They are based on a 2/3” interline CCD image sensor and have available Camera Link base or HD_SDI interfaces (others on request). The cameras have a dynamic range of 64dB, consume 4W of power and weigh 300g. They are available in monochrome or color versions, which utilize Adimec proprietary color processing technology for unprecedented quality and clarity in real-time-changing outdoor conditions.

As with all Adimec cameras, the TMX6-DHD series can be customized to meet specific system requirements, even for small volume programs.